The students of SMP YSKI Semarang took pictures after making their beautiful pencil cases. (Source: Bengok Craft)

On 20 September 2023, the students of SMP YSKI Semarang had an exciting day. Why? Because they were part of a special workshop in Daringan Kesongo Culture. And the group teaching them? None other than Bengok Craft!

Bengok Craft is known for its talent in turning waste into valuable things. Many people see water hyacinths just floating in the water. But for Bengok Craft, it’s a chance to make beautiful things.

The day started with a fun trip. Students got into boats and went on a ride on the lovely Rawa Pening Lake. They saw lots of water hyacinths. Touching them, feeling them. It was like a live class in nature. The boat ride was not just for fun. It helped students understand the plant they were going to work with.

After the boat ride, it was time for the main event. Making pencil cases from water hyacinth! It sounds cool, right? And it was. Students sat down with the interns from Bengok Craft. They learned how to take the water hyacinth, clean it, and make it ready for craft. Then, step by step, they made their pencil cases.

It was not easy. But with help from the interns of Universitas Negeri Semarang, everyone made a beautiful pencil case. By the end of the workshop, the students had something special. A pencil case they made with their own hands. But, they also had something more. A new understanding of nature and how to use its gifts.

Bengok Craft and SMP YSKI Semarang have given these students a day to remember. They learned, they played, and they crafted. And most importantly, they connected with nature in a new way. This workshop was more than just a day out of school. It was a day of learning and fun. And, it’s a day the students will always remember.

Thanks to SMP YSKI Semarang! We hope to see more workshops like this in the future.

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