Bengok Craft is always participated in a meaningful event. This time Bengok Craft became one of the MSME that had the opportunity to participate in enlivening the Salatiga Multi Event 2023 event with the title Exhibition of Central Java Innovation Products Research and Innovation For Better Future. This event lasted for three days, from September 1 to 3, 2023. The event, which was held at UIN Salatiga, was a fairly large exhibition with the audience of all Society of Salatiga.

The participating MSMEs are also MSMEs with unique, environmentally friendly products, and come from the best innovations. Thus, Bengok Craft considered into these categories. The MSMEs showcased their best products, Bengok Craft itself displaying their best-selling products such as bracelets, phone cases, unique bags, bengok jackets, books, and many more.

The visitors were curious about bengok Craft products, some of them even bought more than one categories of product because they were amazed by the design and uniqueness of Bengok Craft products. “I want the denim wallet one please, this is really so cute to combine a water lily with denim. Uh and I want the bracelet too, how cute does it seem,” said Mrs. Sari, one of the visitors.

As I explained earlier, the audience for this event came from all society Salatiga, from children to adults. A group of elementary school children approached the Bengok Craft booth to buy bengok bracelets and wear them together, “For friendship bracelets sis, aren’t they cute? Can you please take a photo of us?” They said enthusiastically when asking the bengok team to take a picture of them smiling happily while showing off the bengok bracelets they each wore.

In addition to successfully introducing Bengok Craft products to the wider community, this exhibition also succeeded in increasing the number of Sobat Bengok and making new memories with Bengok Craft. The joy and cheerfulness painted on the faces of bengok friends that day became a beautiful memory for the bengok team.

Are you interested in making new memories with Bengok Craft? Visit Instagram and Tiktok @bengokcraft for more information!

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