Back to Campus with Bengok Book A5. (Source: Bengok Craft’s Instagram)

Starting a new semester in college can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. It’s a fresh beginning, new classes, and perhaps even a new set of friends. One of the best ways to get started on the right foot is by being organized, and a notebook can be your best friend in this journey. Enter the Bengok Notebook A5, your ideal companion for college notes.

Aesthetically Pleasing with a Vintage Touch

The Bengok Notebook A5 is not just any ordinary notebook. It exudes a vintage charm that can make note-taking feel like a classy affair. It’s a beautiful blend of classic and timeless design. This means it won’t just serve you in college, but can be a keepsake for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Choice

What makes the Bengok Notebook A5 stand out is its commitment to the environment. The cover of this unique notebook is crafted from *eceng gondok*, a water hyacinth plant. This not only gives it a distinct feel but also supports the environment by utilizing what would otherwise be considered a pesky weed.

Inside, the pages aren’t just any paper. They’re made of recycled *kertas samson*, an eco-friendly choice that again emphasizes the brand’s dedication to a greener planet. So, while you jot down those lecture notes, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.

The Bengok Notebook A5 is not just a tool; it’s an experience. It’s a blend of style, sustainability, and functionality. As you prepare for your new semester in college, equip yourself with this notebook, and take a step towards organized, efficient, and environmentally-friendly learning.

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