On August 19-22, 2023, Bengok Craft participated in the 55th ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) event at Padma Hotel, Semarang, Central Java as one of the exhibitors. Bengok Craft along with 35 other MSMEs displayed their superior products to be exhibited to international guests.

The total of 36 MSMEs come from various regions in Indonesia. All of them have their own uniqueness. Starting from food, fashion, environmentally friendly products, and many more. Padma Hotel was filled with unique booths that attracted attention. Each booth was never empty of visitors. In the middle of a meeting break, international guests often came over to ask about the uniqueness of a product, and some even bought it as souvenirs in their home countries.

Bengok Craft products made from water hyacinth stems, or as they call it, water lily, are considered very unique. Because in their home country, it is very rare to find products that utilize weeds like bengok Craft. The guests were stunned by the beauty of the various bengok Craft products. Starting from hats, wallets, bags, bracelets, to phone cases from bengok Craft have distinctive characteristics.

“This comes from water lily right? This is very cute and creative,” said one of the foreign tourists who stopped by to look at Bengok’s penta bag. She also said that bengok craft products are perfect for souvenirs if you have a special occasion. She could have bought bengok bracelets for souvenirs. But unfortunately she didn’t have an idea of what kind of occasion she would hold, so she didn’t buy. But even so, she repeatedly praised the creativity of Bengok Craft.

Other booths were no less unique, with eco-friendly plastics, Semarang specialties, hand-written batik, jute bags, bamboo tumblr, and many more. Clearly, this exhibition had an eco-friendly theme. The four-day event was so memorable. The participants gained new experiences and, of course, wider relation.

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