On every August 17th, Indonesia celebrates its independence day. In this event, all levels of society celebrate in various ways. Some celebrate by participating in competitions such as spooning marbles, climbing betel nuts (panjat pinang), and many more. All things are done as a form of showing their love for the country and preserving traditional games.

The forms of showing love for the country not only can be done by participating in 17th competitions, but there are many more. One of them is to start loving and using domestic products to appreciate the work of the nation’s potential peeps. Local products also bring a lot of good impacts to Indonesia itself. With the high demand for local products, it will certainly increase the number of job opportunities for local people. Local products also have a quality that is not much different from imported products, one example is products from Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft itself is a local product that has helped many local people and opened up job opportunities for them. In addition to opening up job opportunities, Bengok Craft also helps eradicate water hyacinth pests and turn them into something that has function and value. With good product quality and the many positive impacts that bengok Craft has managed to do, Bengok Craft is able to compete and get more highlights from the Indonesians.

Bengok craft products have a unique design; giving the impression of traditional, classic, and elegant. A suitable combination for those of you who claim to love the country. You can look more attractive in celebrating the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia with fashion products from Bengok Craft. You can combine the bengok hat with your outfit of the day. Bengok hat can help protect you from the sun. Seventeen Agustus activities are usually done outdoors, and you can save your face from direct sun exposure with a bengok hat, don’t forget to wear sunscreen too! Happy Independence Day! MERDEKA!

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