Bengok Craft has a lot of unique products with a trendy and eye-catching look. One of them is Handbox drawstring, this product is one of Bengok Craft’s products in the fashion field. This bags with medium size and attractive appearance is able to supports your appearance to be more cool.

Besides having an attractive appearance, this bag also has a spacious interior so that it can accommodate many items. Even so, this bag is still medium in size and light so it doesn’t make you sore.

This bag, which measures 26×16 cm, has a cover in the form of drawstrings. This makes this bag unique and eye catching. The combination of earth tone on the body that comes from water hyacinth stems and mixed with the broken white color of the drawstring fabric creates an elegant and classic impression. This bag is certainly very safe to carry everywhere, and the items inside will not fall easily.

This bag is one of the best sellers at Bengok Craft because it looks suitable as a daily bag or for certain occasions. It is also very suitable to be used as a gift for loved ones.

Are you interested to see for yourself how beautiful Bengok Craft’s Drawstring Handbox is? Visit our Instagram and tiktok at @bengokcraft for more information!

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