Maya with Bengok Hat and Bag. (Photo: Bengok Craft)

On August 14, 2023, we celebrated “Hari Pramuka”. This day reminds us of a special teaching, the second “Dasa Darma”: Love Nature and Care for Fellow Humans or Cinta Alam dan Kasih Sayang Sesama Manusia. One simple way to practice this is by using environment-friendly products.

Have you heard of Bengok Craft? It’s a brand making cool fashion stuff from natural, green materials. They have items like the Bengok Hat, Bengok Bag, and Bengok Slipper. These aren’t just regular fashion items. They have a special story behind them.

Bengok Craft products come from a plant called water hyacinth, which grows a lot in Rawa Pening Lake. If we leave them too much in the lake, they can hurt the water and fish there. But, clever people have found a way to turn them into beautiful items for us to wear and use.

By buying and using Bengok Craft items, we are doing two great things at once. First, we show our love for Mother Earth by using green products. This means fewer bad things like pollution. Second, we help the craftsmen at Rawa Pening Lake. Each sale supports their family and village. So, you’re not just buying a hat or bag, you’re helping people too.

So, on this Scout Day, how about we do something different? Instead of just saying we love nature and people, let’s show it. Choose to buy something from Bengok Craft or another green brand. Wear it, use it, and tell your friends about it. This way, we spread the good word and help more.

Scout Day is the perfect time to show our love for nature and people. Using environment-friendly products, like those from Bengok Craft, is a simple step. We save the earth, and we support our friends at Rawa Pening Lake. Let’s make this Scout Day special by doing good and sharing love.

Author: Elfira Aura Karisma

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