MGMP Prakarya Team from Pekalongan and the Interns of Bengok Craft. (Source: Bengok Craft)

Semarang – The Workshop Bengok Craft was chosen to be an integral part of the “Kaji Terap ke Tuntang” program today, with the team of MGMP Prakarya from Pekalongan actively participating in the event. They came, they saw, they crafted – all part of the enriching “Kaji Terap ke Tuntang” program. This noteworthy collaboration saw education and artisanship come together in a unique combination.

The Workshop Bengok Craft was spotlighted as the chosen event in the ongoing “Kaji Terap ke Tuntang” initiative.

The workshop took place yesterday, August 9th, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The event was hosted in the beautiful locale of Daringan, setting a serene backdrop for craftsmen and educators alike.

The team MGMP Prakarya, responsible for the Vocational Subject for Junior High Schools in Pekalongan, was in attendance. Their participation marked a significant collaboration between academic educators and local artisans.

The “Kaji Terap ke Tuntang” program aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of local crafts among educators. The connection between traditional crafts and formal education is pivotal. By integrating hands-on experiences like these into the curriculum, educators can provide students with a richer, more holistic understanding of their cultural heritage. And the MGMP Prakarya team’s presence at the workshop today served as a testament to this belief.

Through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and interactive sessions, the Workshop Bengok Craft facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the craft to its attendees. The MGMP Prakarya team’s involvement ensures that the skills and techniques learned during the workshop are integrated into the educational curriculum for junior high school students in Pekalongan. Not only did the MGMP Prakarya team leave with a heightened appreciation for Bengok Craft, but they also left with practical skills and ideas to incorporate into their teaching methodologies.

This union of crafting and education promises a brighter future for both the craft of Bengok Craft and the students of Pekalongan. As the program continues, it is anticipated that more such workshops will be held, further bridging the gap between local crafts and educational institutions.

Author: Elfira Aura Karisma

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