Water hyacinth or water plant with the scientific name Eichhornia crassipes is one of the weed plants in swamps, especially Rawa Pening. This plant is considered a weed because of some of the adverse effects it brings to the environment. Water hyacinth is able to grow as much as 3% per day, the rapid growth process is one of the bad impacts it brings to the environment because it can cover the surface of the swamp and block sunlight from entering the swamp ecosystem. In addition, water hyacinth can also shallow the swamp because its growth requires abundant water intake. water hyacinth is also very disturbing for fishermen in Rawa Pening because water hyacinth makes it difficult for fishermen to leave for a living or when returning from making a living.

With all these negative impacts, people always underestimate water hyacinth and do not utilize the potential of water hyacinth itself. Water hyacinth has a unique shape with wide leaves and beautiful flowers. If its growth can be slowed down, water hyacinth can become a pond or swamp decoration and add to the beauty of the environment. Almost all parts of water hyacinth have very good benefits for our health, one of which is to facilitate digestion such as diarrhea, nausea, worms, and also bloating, next is to nourish the skin because water hyacinth contains antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that can treat skin disorders. Some other potentials are, one of which is to be used as a craft like the Bengok Craft team did. The dried water hyacinth stems can be made into beautiful crafts in the form of home d├ęcor, accessories, and fashion items.

If you are interested in seeing beautiful crafts that come from water hyacinth weeds, you can visit Instagram or TikTok @bengokcraft

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