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Bengok Craft has a wide range of crafts that are categorized according to their respective needs. One of the categories that we will discuss is home decor. In this category, Bengok Craft has several types of product collections including Bengok Trays of various sizes, Bengok Circle Trays, Bengok Circle Placement, Bengok Circle Boxes, Bengok Tissue Boxes, and many more.

One of the collections from the home decor category that always attracts customer interest is the Bengok Circle Tray. With a unique design such as a tube base and two handles on the right and left, making it very eye-catching. Several times, customers immediately looked at the Bengok circle tray and expressed their admiration for one of the crafts.

Bengok Circle Tray can be used as a multi-purpose container. It can be used as a storage place for displays, spices, skincare, yarn, and many more. With its strong yet lightweight water hyacinth stems, The Bengok Circle Tray has excellent durability.

However, even though it has good durability, a product must still be well maintained. How to take care of the Bengok Circle Tray is very easy, you can clean it regularly using a soft brush so that it does not damage its beautiful design. You can read some other easy treatments in our previous article entitled “Here are Some Easy Treatments for Your Water Hyacinth Craft Products” where you will find a lot of useful info to keep your Bengok Craft products as beautiful as new.

In addition to easy maintenance and excellent durability, water hyacinth craft products, especially water hyacinth circle trays, can be placed anywhere and can easily match your home decor. You don’t have to worry about the color being too flashy, or too prominent and disturbing the view. The Bengok Circle Tray stands out and shines subtly, so even if everyone looks at it, it’s not an eyesore.

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