Bengok Knitting K-Style Bag. (Bengok Craft)

The fashion industry nowadays is still unraveling the matter of sustainable things on this Earth. Recently, some of the business of fashion is moving to apply natural upcycling. Bengok Craft is one of them that utilizes the method of plant-based material by using the water hyacinth in Rawa Pening which is considered as weeds and ineffective for the environment. 

A bag is a product of the fashion industry that is essential to wear besides clothes. As a producer in the fashion industry, Bengok Craft has launched jackets, hats, slippers, bracelets, and the popular product is bags. The bags that are produced by Bengok Craft are called Bengok bags. They have so many types such as handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, and a purse. 

One of the Bengok Bag products is Bengok K-Style Bag. It is a new product from Bengok Craft that was inspired by Korean Wave in Indonesia. It makes Bengok K-Style Bag unique from the previous one because this bag applies a Korean style that is booming in the industry fashion recently. It blends both traditional and modern fashion into one. This is what Bengok Craft did in launching Bengok K-Style Bag. The bag is a combination of stylish looks from Korean fashion and traditional Bengok Craft style using traditional materials from the water hyacinth.

Bengok Pallet Plait K-Style Bag. (Bengok Craft)

Bengok  K-Style Bag has two white straps of different sizes that easy to put on and take off. It means that Bengok K-Style is multifunctional, and it can be a handbag and a shoulder bag at the same time. You can take off the long white strap anytime you want to suit your fashion style. The white straps on the bag make it looks simpler, more feminine, and more gorgeous if you combine them with your outfits. Bengok K-Style Bag has two different types; knitting and pallet plait. The knitting one has a vertical pattern, while the pallet plait has a horizontal pattern. You can choose between both of them that are suitable to your preference. This bag also has an exclusive Bengok Craft logo on the middle.

Bengok K-Style Bag’s spesification:

Material: The Water Hyacinth (Eceng Gondok)

Weight: 540 gr

Size: 25 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm

So, what are you waiting for? Choose Bengok K-Style Bag as your sustainable fashion companion to your special outfit!

You can also check out Bengok K-Style Bag on Bengok Craft’s marketplaces on Shopee: bengok_craft and Tokopedia: Bengok Craft. Our team at Bengok Craft is pleased to assist you in saving the Earth by using Bengok Craft’s products.

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