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The Water Hyacinth is one of the plants known as an invasive aquatic plant in the world. It overgrows in the freshwater systems in more than 50 countries such as Asia, Europe, Central and North America, and Africa. The Water Hyacinth endangers the ecosystem as its existence reduces other populations and biodiversity.

This plant consumes a lot of oxygen and decreases the amount of oxygen in the water that fish need. As a result, many fish died due to a lack of oxygen. Furthermore, it prevents sunlight from reaching the water, complicating fish breeding and destroying their environment. Not only do life water hyacinths pollute the environment, but so do dead water hyacinths. They contribute to river silting, which raises the danger of floods.

Besides the negative impacts, the Water Hyacinth also has so much potential. Starting from the beans, it can improve digestion in certain people. The extract juice can be used as personal care products because it contains high vitamin C. For medical uses, Water Hyacinth can be used to cure nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, and worms. And last but not least, the Water Hyacinth can turn into a craft, such as slippers, handbags, shoulder bags, baskets, hats, cover books, phone cases, bracelets, etc. 

Bengok Craft is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) or UMKM in the Regency of Semarang that handles the business of the fashion industry using the Water Hyacinth. This business was founded in January 2019 by Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi and they have been consistent in producing eco-friendly products for some years. Bengok Craft upcycling the Water Hyacinth into useful and aesthetic products. By upcycling, Bengok Craft indirectly contributes to saving the Earth. 

Bengok Craft also helps locals by providing jobs such as supplying, crafting, and selling. Bengok Craft has a slogan “Urip iku Urup” or “Life is a Flame to Enlighten” which means that we were born on this Earth not only to life all by ourselves, but we must help each other. That’s why Bengok Craft here and now try their best to help other people and save our environment through a system called community development. 

The crafting is made with the uniqueness of each product. For example, the shapes of bags that are created are various shapes of round, cube, block, pentagonal, and hexagonal. It means that Bengok Craft keeps developing the idea and innovation for the products from time to time. 

Are you intrigued to save the earth by supporting our products and reducing water hyacinth in the environment? We invite you to reach us out on Instagram @bengokcraft or on Tiktok @bengokcraft for more information.

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