Creating a business requires determination, a trait possessed by many. However, building a sustainable business is a challenge that not everyone can overcome. Developing a sustainable business involves achieving long-term goals while integrating economic, social, and environmental aspects into the overall business strategy. It is not solely focused on maximizing profits but also emphasizes the values that contribute to society.

Outlined below are three crucial principles that underpin the establishment of a sustainable business:

  1. People

People are fundamental to the success of a sustainable business. This refers to a business that is created with the intention of benefiting society. Running a business requires the collective efforts of individuals who share a common vision and goals. By empowering people, businesses can leverage available resources to ensure sustainability. It is essential to organize resources into groups with clear functions and future objectives.

In addition to benefiting the business, the presence of resources also generates employment opportunities and improves the overall standard of living.

  1. Profits

Profit is an integral part of any business venture. Sustainable businesses are profit-oriented as they need to cover production, marketing, and operational costs. Without generating profits, a sustainable business cannot continue its activities. Furthermore, it is crucial to provide fair compensation to the resources involved. Therefore, profitability is a key factor in sustaining a business.

  1. Planet

The environmental aspect is what sets a sustainable business apart from conventional enterprises. Prioritizing the planet is an essential value for a sustainable business. This involves creating environmentally friendly products and adopting sustainable practices. Take, for instance, the case of Bengok Craft, founded by Firman Setyaji, which uses water hyacinth, a natural material, to produce crafts. Employing upcycling techniques, the business ensures its creations have a positive impact on the environment, minimizing pollution and offering customers the benefit of eco-friendly products.

These principles are pivotal in establishing and maintaining a sustainable business. Does your business align with these values?

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