Bengok Totebag var 2

Bengok Craft introduces the Bengok Totebag Variant 2—an exceptional accessory that seamlessly merges style with environmental consciousness. This eco-friendly totebag is crafted using a unique combination of water hyacinth and denim, resulting in a fashionable and durable companion for everyday adventures. With its distinctive square woven design, ample size, and versatile features, the Bengok Totebag Variant 2 is the perfect choice for both casual and non-casual fashion enthusiasts who appreciate sustainability.

Materials and Design:

The Bengok Totebag Variant 2 is skillfully handcrafted using two sustainable materials: water hyacinth and denim. Water hyacinth, an aquatic plant known for its rapid growth and invasive nature, is carefully woven into a square pattern, adding a touch of natural beauty to the bag. This eco-friendly material not only offers a unique texture but also contributes to the preservation of the environment by repurposing an invasive plant. The addition of denim, a durable and versatile fabric, enhances the bag’s strength and longevity.

Size and Weight:

The Bengok Totebag Variant 2 is designed to accommodate your daily essentials while maintaining a practical size. With dimensions of 30x35x10cm, it provides ample space for your belongings without being overly bulky. The bag strikes a perfect balance between functionality and portability, ensuring it is convenient to carry around wherever you go. Moreover, weighing just 400 grams, the totebag remains lightweight, allowing for comfortable use throughout the day.

Rope Handles and Main Pocket:

To add a touch of elegance and functionality, the Bengok Totebag Variant 2 features a rope handle measuring 25cm in length. The sturdy yet comfortable handle allows for easy carrying and complements the bag’s overall design. Whether you choose to hold it by hand or sling it over your shoulder, the rope handle adds a stylish element to your fashion ensemble.

The totebag is designed with a spacious main pocket, providing ample room for your belongings. This versatile compartment ensures that you can carry essentials such as your wallet, keys, phone, and other personal items securely. The main pocket is thoughtfully designed to keep your belongings organized, making it convenient for both casual outings and more formal occasions.

Versatility and Fashion:

The Bengok Totebag Variant 2 is a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements various fashion styles. Its earthy square woven pattern, crafted from water hyacinth, adds a touch of natural elegance to any outfit. The combination of water hyacinth and denim creates a unique juxtaposition of textures, blending rustic charm with urban chic.

This totebag is well-suited for both casual and non-casual fashion contexts. For a laid-back look, pair it with jeans, a comfortable top, and sneakers, exuding an effortless charm. Alternatively, it can be seamlessly integrated into a more formal ensemble, providing a distinct and sustainable twist to your fashion statement. The Bengok Totebag Variant 2 allows you to express your personal style while aligning with your commitment to sustainable fashion choices.

The Bengok Totebag Variant 2 epitomizes the perfect fusion of style and sustainability. Crafted from water hyacinth and denim, this eco-friendly accessory showcases the creative possibilities of repurposed materials. With its square woven design, spacious main pocket, and rope handle, the totebag offers practicality without compromising on fashion. Suitable for both casual and non-casual fashion, the Bengok Totebag Variant 2 allows you to make a stylish statement while promoting sustainability and supporting the environment. Choose this versatile totebag as your sustainable fashion companion.

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