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Community Empowerment Space

Currently, Firman has created dozens of craft products for Bengok Craft, such as bags, tote bags, clothes, sandals, cell phone cases, hats, and books.

Firman’s efforts focus on three things, namely, economic improvement, social improvement, and environmental protection. Firman said that he focused on increasing production capacity at the beginning of his business in 2019.

I opened training for local communities who want to join. Then in 2020, it developed into marketing. In this second year, we also focus on digital market places and are active on social media and websites to process digital marketing,” he said

Bengok Craft’s Products in Singapore

In the third year, 2021, Firman said, the focus is on business development by opening a business-to-business (B 2 B) network. Currently, there are 15 partners spread over five points.

Bengok Craft is a socio-preneur business based on community empowerment that processes water hyacinth into various crafts. Through Bengok Craft, which he founded, Firman has a big dream to improve the community’s standard of living and welfare.

We encourage local communities around Rawa Pening to have a mindset that living from crafts can also be used for the survival of families and other people,” he said.

Bengok Craft is now reasonably successful in improving farmers’ standard of living involved in the raw material processing ecosystem, especially water hyacinth. With the increase in added value, the income of water hyacinth raw material processors also increases.

The positive impact on the environment is also the basis for Bengok Craft’s goals. Bengok Craft is keen to socialize the importance of recycling to workers and artisans by using natural materials.

The existence of Bengok Craft has also given attention to the sustainability of Rawa Pening. According to Firman, based on existing research, until 2030, Rawa Pening is threatened with disappearance because it is covered in water hyacinth.

Firman said that Bengok Craft’s capacity could not have a massive impact. However, the existence of Bengok Craft can at least form a space to minimize damage by building awareness regarding Rawa Pening.

“People are also aware that water hyacinth causes a problem, and Bengok Craft has created a space to minimize environmental damage caused by water hyacinth,” he said.

This campaign has a real impact. A year after Bengok Craft started, concerns began to emerge regarding the preservation of Rawa Pening. What Firman does can be an example for millennials.

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