Local products have often been perceived as having lower quality compared to imported products. However, the reality is that local products are increasingly developing and becoming highly competitive. Besides their quality, there are many benefits to purchasing local products. Here are the advantages.

Helping to Boost the Domestic Economy

When you buy local products, you automatically contribute to boosting the domestic economy because the money spent stays within the country rather than going abroad. Additionally, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other businesses become more motivated to introduce new products or further develop existing ones when we show enthusiasm for buying domestic products.

Helping to Improve the Living Standards of the Society

Another benefit of being proud of local products is that you contribute to improving the living standards of the society. With increased sales, the income of business owners naturally increases, and we play a role in the prosperity of the community.

Expanding Job Opportunities

Being proud of local products can be done by purchasing them. When many people buy local products, the demand naturally increases, leading to a need for more workers.


Local products are continuously evolving and have quality that is no less competitive than foreign products. Many local products strive to enhance their quality and develop innovations to attract more customers. In fact, there are now numerous unique local products being marketed in various countries worldwide. One example is Bengok Craft, a community-based initiative that transforms water hyacinth into various useful crafts such as home decor, sandals, bags, jackets, and more. These products have gained popularity among customers from countries like Italy, Singapore, and others.


Although local products offer good quality, they are also pocket-friendly. Compared to foreign or export products, local products in Indonesia are usually more affordable.

So, those are the reasons why we should be proud of local products. If we don’t support local products, then who will?

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