Astaria, the owner of Bengok Craft, in a dialogue with RRI Semarang on Wednesday (8/2/2023)

KBRN, Semarang: The abundance of water hyacinth plants in Rawa Pening, Ambarawa, has inspired Astaria to elevate this plant, often considered a weed, into a valuable commodity. She observed that most water hyacinth plants in the area were simply sold as raw materials by local residents.

“Our dream is to bring products from the outskirts of Rawa Pening to the global market, not just in Indonesia,” she said during an interview on Indonesia Bisa with RRI Semarang on Wednesday (8/2/2023).

Together with her partner, Firman, the owner of Bengok Craft, they conducted research on the water hyacinth plants in Rawa Pening.

“In 2018, Firman and I, who is now the CEO of Bengok Craft, conducted research to understand why Rawa Pening couldn’t become a center for water hyacinth craft. After identifying the issues, we both learned how to process water hyacinth from scratch because we had no prior background in it,” explained Astaria.

The owner of Bengok Craft revealed that the first product they created was a book with a cover made of water hyacinth. Initially, they introduced their products through an educational program called “Minggu Kereatif” which invited people to learn how to process water hyacinth. After gaining recognition, they had the confidence to participate in various exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.

Now, some of their products have been exported to countries such as Japan and Italy. Their current focus is on fashion products such as bags, sandals, aprons, and jackets that can be used in everyday life.

“Alhamdulillah, the number of employees has also increased from the local community. Currently, we have 20 people, 15 artisans, and 5 tailors,” she concluded.

This article has been published on with the title “Kreasi Eceng Gondok “Bengok Craft” Tembus Pasar Internasional”,
By: Marnisa Nurdian Saritri
Editor: sigit budi riyanto
Translator: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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