In supporting the needs of the corporate, usually it is in collaboration with external parties in accordance with their specialization

Such as one of them supporting the company’s identity, namely souvenir which is the important thing.

These souvenirs can be used for internal corporate employees to support appearances such as lanyards.  Or usually souvenirs are given to outsiders as gifts.

Souvenirs represent company identity. In addition to the logo displayed in the souvenir, identity can also be seen with the material used in the souvenir. The material used also has a philosophy in it.

Like souvenirs produced by Bengok Craft, the souvenir material is very unique and appealing. The material is made from natural material, which is water hyacinth. The water hyacinth processed by Bengok Craft is not only an ordinary plant, but has an important meaning in it.

Processed water hyacinth is at first harvested from Rawa Pening in Semarang Regency. Water hyacinth is very easy to find there but is very detrimental to the swamp ecosystem because it is a weed plant. The plant pollutes the swamp because it has harmful compounds. In addition, the fish in the swamp can also be destroyed by this plant.

Instead of being a weed, Bengok Craft took the initiative to turn the plant into valuable crafts.

In making its crafts, Bengok Craft also empowers local communities, who generally only work as fishermen. Thus, they can be more creative and get a better standard of living.

Souvenirs from Bengok Craft may be a consideration for your corporate who is looking for this unique and appealing souvenir.

By having a souvenir from Bengok Craft, it can represent your corporate.  First, your corporate is really concern about local products that become local wisdom.  In addition, your company also supports the go-green campaign, namely using eco-friendly products to maintain a better earth sustainability.

If you still have doubts about us, Bengok Craft has been trusted by corporates such as Bank Indonesia and the Government of Central Java in providing souvenirs. In addition, Bengok Craft also took part in the G20 presidency, an event that invites leaders around the world to consolidate together to achieve recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the participations is by displaying their high-quality handicraft products to attract interest from the members of the G20 delegation from all participating countries.

Go on have a souvenir of our local wisdom that can support your corporate identity.  Click for more information.

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