Bengok Ring Box, a home for your precious ring

The journey of marriage is a sacred and special one, filled with moments of love and commitment. On this significant day, every detail is carefully planned to make it even more meaningful. One such detail is the wedding ring, symbolizing the eternal bond between two souls. To add an extra touch of charm and allure to this cherished piece of jewelry, Bengok Craft presents the innovative Bengok Ring Box. Made from woven water hyacinth, this ring box not only enhances the beauty of the ring but also embraces sustainability in its design.

While traditional wedding ring boxes may appear ordinary, Bengok Craft takes a step further with the creation of the Bengok Ring Box. The outer layer of the box is skillfully woven using water hyacinth, giving it a distinct and natural appeal. The water hyacinth employed in crafting these boxes is carefully harvested from the beautiful Rawa Pening region, adding a touch of local authenticity to the product.

The Bengok Ring Box comprises two parts: the outer part and the inner part of the box. The outer part is adorned with a plaited water hyacinth cover, which not only provides a unique texture but also showcases the natural color of the water hyacinth. The inner part of the box features a lining made of jute cloth, adding a soft and elegant touch to the presentation of the ring.

The Bengok Ring Box is designed to perfectly accommodate your wedding ring. With a compact and stylish round shape, it measures 10x10x10cm in overall size. The cover of the box measures 8x11x11cm, ensuring a snug fit for your precious ring. Its compact dimensions make it convenient to carry and display, allowing you to cherish your ring wherever you go.

Bengok Craft takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. By utilizing water hyacinth as the primary material for the Bengok Ring Box, they transform what was once considered waste into a valuable resource. Water hyacinth is an invasive plant species that poses a threat to aquatic ecosystems. By repurposing this plant, Bengok Craft actively contributes to reducing its negative impact while creating unique and eco-friendly products.

Bengok Craft goes beyond creating beautiful and functional products; they have a mission to protect and preserve our planet. By choosing the Bengok Ring Box, you support their sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future. Each purchase encourages the growth of local artisans and promotes eco-conscious choices in the wedding industry.

The Bengok Ring Box offers a unique and sustainable solution for storing and presenting your precious wedding ring. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, it combines the beauty of woven water hyacinth with the practicality of a well-designed ring box. By choosing Bengok Craft, you not only embrace elegance and uniqueness but also play a part in protecting our environment. Let your wedding ring be cherished in the ethereal charm of the Bengok Ring Box, as you embark on a lifelong journey of love and commitment.

For more information and to explore Bengok Craft’s sustainable creations, visit the link below:

Bengok Craft: Turn Waste, To Save The Planet

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