PUSRI Palembang employees, under the expert guidance of Asta, Co-Founder of Bengok Craft, craft exquisite slippers from water hyacinth.
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Bengok Craft, a small enterprise nestled near Rawa Pening in Semarang Regency, has been captivating art enthusiasts since 2019 with their beautifully aesthetic water hyacinth creations. Alongside their artistic endeavors, Bengok Craft also offers a unique and meaningful experience through their Bengok Craft Workshop. This workshop is not only open to individuals who visit their home base but also extends its services to corporates, allowing them to host engaging training sessions and workshops focused on creating water hyacinth crafts. Let’s explore the exciting possibilities that Bengok Craft Workshop offers to corporates and their employees.

Bengok Craft Workshop for Corporates

Bengok Craft understands the value of engaging corporate teams in activities that promote creativity, sustainability, and a sense of accomplishment. By inviting Bengok Craft to their premises, corporates can provide their employees with an opportunity to learn about the art of transforming useless goods into useful and aesthetically pleasing creations. Whether it is a small or large group, Bengok Craft is equipped to fulfill the workshop requirements, with the package cost becoming more economical as more employees participate.

Exploring Material and Practical Experience

The workshop conducted by Bengok Craft is a comprehensive session that combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Participants will delve into the intricacies of water hyacinth crafts, learning about the raw materials, techniques, and creative possibilities. Bengok Craft’s skilled artisans will guide the participants through each step, ensuring they gain a deep understanding of the craft-making process.

Create Personalized Souvenirs

One of the highlights of the Bengok Craft Workshop is the opportunity for participants to create their own water hyacinth crafts. Each participant can unleash their creativity and design unique pieces that reflect their individual style. These crafts can serve as personalized souvenirs, reminding the participants of their experience and serving as a tangible representation of their newfound skills and creativity.

Trusted by Leading Corporations

Bengok Craft’s reputation for excellence has earned them the trust of renowned corporations such as PUSRI Palembang and Stated-Owned Enterprise Bank. These organizations have recognized the value of Bengok Craft Workshop in fostering team building, sustainability awareness, and creativity within their workforce. By partnering with Bengok Craft, these corporations have provided their employees with a refreshing and enriching experience that goes beyond the traditional training programs.

Unlocking Creativity and Sustainability

Bengok Craft Workshop does not only ignite creativity but also raises awareness about sustainable practices. By working with water hyacinth, a prolific and eco-friendly material, participants learn the importance of repurposing and utilizing natural resources in a responsible manner. The workshop acts as a catalyst for employees to explore innovative ideas, think outside the box, and find creative solutions in their professional lives.

Bengok Craft Workshop for corporates is a unique opportunity to engage employees in a hands-on experience that combines art, sustainability, and team building. With their expertise in water hyacinth creations and the ability to conduct workshops at corporate premises, Bengok Craft offers a tailored experience that resonates with companies of all sizes. By participating in the workshop, employees not only gain practical skills but also deepen their appreciation for sustainable practices and unleash their creativity. Join hands with Bengok Craft and embark on a journey of inspiration, innovation, and artistic expression within your corporate environment.

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