Semarang Night Carnival (DOK. Semarang City Government Public Relations) – Semarang Night Carnival (SNC) 2023 will serve as the opening event for the Semarak Jejak Kreatif 2023.

SNC is one of the annual events commemorating the 476th Anniversary of Semarang City. This event, which has been held 13 times, showcases a combination of dance, drama, and carnival costumes.

Head of the Semarang City Department of Culture and Tourism, Wing Wiyarso Poespojoedho, stated that the Semarak Jejak Kreatif Event 2023 is a new event organized through collaboration between several parties.

These parties include the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), the Department of Youth, Sports, and Tourism (Disporapar) of Central Java, and the Semarang City Department of Culture and Tourism.

“And this time (SNC), there is a slight difference; the event will be held on Friday (19/5/2023). It will be combined as the opening event of the Semarak Jejak Kreatif 2023, which is a new event,” said Wiyarso in a written statement received by on Friday (12/5/2023).

Furthermore, he mentioned that there are three government entities involved in organizing the Semarak Jejak Kreatif 2023.

Wiyarso revealed that SNC 2023 will have the theme “The Luxury,” which signifies luxury, beauty, and comfort.

“Kris, chandelier, fan, and lotus are the sub-themes of this performance,” he added.

Wiyarso conveyed that the SNC 2023 event serves as an opportunity to revive the cultural acculturation of Semarang City as a historical legacy of the past.

He acknowledged the cultural diversity of Semarang City as a historical legacy from the time when it was a major trading hub, handling the spice, sugar, and silk routes.

“At that time, there were spice, sugar, and silk routes, and all the trade transactions took place in Semarang City, particularly in the Old City area,” explained Wiyarso. He further explained that the participants of SNC 2023, totaling 120 people, come from various segments of society.

Around 40 heads of regional government organizations (OPDs) in Semarang City will also participate in enlivening SNC 2023 in the Old City area. They will wear their respective costumes based on the selected sub-themes. Read also: Proving Non-Drug Use, Child of Police Chief Who Hit Student Requests Assessment from BNN

“There are 120 participants from various segments, including students, university students, and the general public. All participants will compete for various awards,” he said.

The preparations for SNC 2023 will commence on Wednesday (17/5/2023) with traffic engineering on Letjen Suprapto Street.

Traffic engineering will be conducted because Letjen Suprapto Street will be used as the location for SNC, extending to the endpoint at the Titik Nol Kilometer Park, Semarang City.

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Author: Dwi Nur Hayati

Editor: Amalia Purnama Sari

Translator: Ritya Bilqiis

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