Bengok Craft had a photo session with the organizers of the event, as well as the village head of Panusupan.
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Bengok Craft participated in the 2023 Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative Fair (KUKM) on 12-14 May 2023 at GOR Satria Banyumas.

This was confirmed by Firman as the CEO of Bengok Craft on Thursday (05/11).

“Yes, we will come directly to Banyumas to enliven the largest UMKM Fair in Central Java,” said Firman.

Bengok Craft is one of the 54 UKM booths present at the Fair. Apart from UKM booths, there are 50 assisted village cluster booths, 18 exposure and service booths, 16 reash and wonder fruit booths, and 50 street food booths. Thus, the total number of booths participating in the Fair was 188 booths.

Bengok Craft was invited by the Provincial Government of Central Java to participate in this Fair as part of the organizers.

Head of the Central Java Cooperatives and UKM service Eddy Sulistyo Bramiyanto said on Friday (05/12) that the Fair activity was an effort to accelerate the improvement and development of the capabilities of MSEs to become strong and independent businesses.

Apart from the Central Java provincial government, this biggest Fair was organized by Bank Jateng and Bank Indonesia Branch Representative Office in Purwokerto.

With the support of many parties, Firman is very confident that holding this exhibition will have an even bigger impact, not only increasing the local economy during the post-pandemic recovery period, but also being able to collaborate between stakeholders, both MSMEs, related agencies, and related private institutions.

In optimizing for this big event in Banyumas, Firman certainly prepared his best to display his product creations.

For example, increasing product variants, ranging from home decor to fashion. For example, fashion products that are showcased at the Fair are hats, jackets, handbags, tote bags, hampers bags, and slippers.In addition, the stock was also increased to anticipate running out of stock as at the previous fair.

By purchasing our creation, you’ve participated to support community development and environmental sustainability.

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Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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