Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo attended the Banyumas Culture Carnival 2023 on Prof Dr Suharso Street, East Purwokerto District, Friday (12/5/2023). Photo/Doc. SINDOnews

BANYUMAS – The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, attended the Banyumas Culture Carnival 2023. Thousands of residents gathered on Prof Dr Suharso Street, East Purwokerto Sub-district, Banyumas to welcome Ganjar Pranowo’s arrival.

Ganjar, who arrived in an orange Volkswagen car, was warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic residents. The Banyumas Culture Carnival event involved no less than 1,000 artists collaborating to showcase a parade of local arts and culture. There were performances of traditional dances like “lengger,” “ebeg,” “calung,” and “kentongan.”

“It seems that the community longed for a parade, and these events in Banyumas Raya always attract a large crowd,” said Ganjar on Friday (12/5/2023).

The Banyumas Culture Carnival does not only present artistic and cultural parades but also provided education on the origins of local wisdom in Banyumas Raya. The event was supported by BI Purwokerto, Bank Jateng, Banyumas Regency Government, and Central Java Provincial Government. This activity was also part of the series of events for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Cooperative Fair, which was centralized at the GOR Satria Purwokerto, located near the Banyumas Culture Festival.

Ganjar hoped that the Banyumas Culture Carnival and KUKM Fair 2023 could revive the local economy, which had been hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic. These two activities became the first major events organized by Banyumas Regency after the Covid-19 pandemic. “Hopefully, they can entertain the entire community of Banyumas Raya,” said Ganjar.

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