As many as 10 members of the group consisting of ladies had a “healing” by working through the Bengok Craft Workshop.

Healing in question is not literal, instead a kind of activity that can relax and unwind after a week of work.

Their arrival on Saturday, 6 May 2023 in the early afternoon was welcomed by the Bengok Craft team. Taking place at Daringan Kesongo Culture, they sit in a room like a traditional hut that has been arranged.

Daringan Kesongo Culture is a place where you can enjoy typical local culinary delights while being pampered with extraordinary views of mountains, rice fields and the very famous swamp, Rawa Pening.

Apart from that, kind of restaurant can now be used as a place to express oneself through crafts, as is done by this group of ladies.

Astaria Eka Santi began the workshop with remarks and a question and answer session to the workshop participants.

The workshop participants looked very enthusiastic listening to Asta’s explanation in introducing water hyacinth crafts and the procedures for making them.

Water hyacinth craft is a craft that is very easy to apply, especially when you already know the technique.

The technique explained by Asta is a weaving technique that is commonly used. Another technique used by Bengok Craft in making this craft is the knitting technique, this technique is usually used to make fashion products using yarn because of its flexibility. However, Bengok Craft applies this by using dried water hyacinth halves.

In addition to the theoretical explanation, the Bengok Craft Workshop participants also implemented the theory directly into practice. They are guided by Asta and his team in doing the craft. They were asked to make a tissue box.

Equipment for making tissue box crafts has been provided by the team, such as dried water hyacinth halves, glue, scissors, and cardboard boxes.

The participants were very enthusiastic in doing it, each participant tried to make a tissue box.

The tissue box that they create can later be brought home as a souvenir.

They also don’t forget to capture their tissue box creations by taking pictures.

The Bengok Craft Workshop also provides other water hyacinth crafts made by Bengok Craft, such as bags, slippers, hats, and many more.

Apart from theory and practice, the Bengok Craft workshop also holds other activities which are still part of a series of events, such as a traditional boat ride through Rawa Pening to see the process of harvesting water hyacinth and also they were having a meal together.

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