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Seeking experience through worthwhile activities certainly has many options. There are for those who learn and there are also those who play. However, there are also those who combine learning and playing to make it a more enjoyable experience, such as taking the Bengok Edu Tour.

Bengok Edu Tour is a series of activities within certain hours organized by Bengok Craft in the form of creativity. The Bengok Edu Tour participants will of course be invited to hone their creativity by making water hyacinth crafts. The crafts that were created varied, ranging from easy-level crafts such as bracelets and key chains, medium-level crafts such as making tissue boxes and sandals, to hard-level crafts such as bags.

In addition, the experience offered varies depending on needs. For example, only focusing on making crafts or being able to take part in interesting activities at the same time as exploring the surrounding environment, holding games, or eating together. This will also affect the duration that will be chosen in participating in the Bengok Edu Tour.

In addition, the activities and people participating depend on the packages and prices offered. For example, the additional package for boarding a boat to go through the Swamp is of course different from activities that are only focused on being carried out at Darungan Kesongo Culture. Likewise with the participants, more participants will be cheaper than fewer participants.

Therefore, Bengok Edu Tour provides two types of packages, namely the big group package and the small group package. Large groups are intended for them such as schools, universities, large associations, and government institution. Big groups consist of selected packages such as Kendalisodo, Rawa Pening, and Telomoyo with a duration of between 2-5 hours. Minimum participants are 20 people. The price also varies from IDR 50,000/pax – IDR 100,000/pax.

Meanwhile, small groups are intended for small groups such as family, close friends, and certain small groups. Small groups consist of Gurame, Mujahir and Bawal packages with durations ranging from 2-5 hours. According to the type, the number of participants who take part is smaller, by inviting at least 5 people you can join the edu tour with this package. The price offered is also quite affordable, starting from IDR 75,000/pax – IDR 125,000/pax.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately join this worthwhile experience by participating in the Bengok Edu Tour. You can play and learn together.

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