The ITPC Osaka together with the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, Bank Indonesia Tokyo, and AEON Mall opened the Indonesia Fair 2023 event.
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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have several alternative options in developing their business, one of which is through export.

Export is an activity of selling services and goods abroad. With regard to international trade, exports certainly cannot be done haphazardly. There are still many preparations that must be made by exporters, such as preparation of documents and payment mechanisms with the buyer. In addition, in the export of goods, for example, must go through proper quality control (qc), goods exported must meet the standards of the destination country. In addition, packaging must also be considered. In fact, the export of food commodities to countries such as Europe requires certain certifications, such as the Control Union.

In addition to the preparations described above, an exporter also needs networking in order to be able to promote his products/services to buyers.

Networking can be done in two ways, namely personal and institutional (group).

Personal networking, namely enabling exporters to establish communication with buyers by getting these buyers personally, for example promotions via email, getting contacts on the website, meeting buyers directly, and others.

Meanwhile, networking with institutions allows exporters to obtain information about buyers from third parties, for example government and non-governmental organizations. Usually, the exporter will be included by the third party in certain events, such as international fairs, business matching, curation, and so on.

Sometimes exporters network with these two alternatives so that branding can be optimal.

Networking through institutions with the International Trade and Promotion Center (ITPC) can be your alternative in increasing the export potential for your products. ITPC is a technical implementing element that is part of the representatives of the Republic of Indonesia abroad. ITPC is an organization under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade. ITPC is a non-profit government institution.

The main task of the ITPC is to develop markets and promote trade abroad in order to increase exports of commodity goods and services.

The development and promotion carried out by the ITPC are:

1. Market Penetration; by organizing business contacts, fostering and developing business networks, and handling inquiries.

2. Market Information Services; by carrying out market intelligence, providing market analysis, providing market briefs, providing market survey results, providing importer and exporter data, developing a national export database.

3. Export Promotion; by participating in international trade exhibitions and other trade exhibition promotions or special trade exhibitions (in-store promotion, Indonesian Day, in collaboration with the local Chamber of Commerce), supporting the promotion of trade shows held in Indonesia, organizing Trade Mission activities and receiving Purchase Missions , organizing Marketing Missions, organizing Permanent Trade Displays (PTD), and catalog promotions (display catalogs).

4. Services to the Business World; in the form of business advocacy, business consulting to exporters and importers in accredited countries, negotiation assistance to exporters.

With the details of the ITPC tasks, of course it is very helpful for MSMEs in upgrading. Like Bengok Craft’s participation in the In-Store Promotion exhibition at Tsuruya Department Store, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan some time ago. This is due to support from ITPC Osaka as the organizer which brings together MSMEs with buyers in Japan.

Of course, this participation cannot be done just like that because the exporters must go through a curation process. Therefore, preparing the product to achieve the best quality needs to be done. In addition, always keep up-to-date on events held by the ITPC, so you don’t miss out.

For information, ITPC has representatives in certain countries. Currently, there are more than 16 ITPC representatives spread throughout the world.

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