Bengok Craft showcased its handcrafted fashion creations during Indonesia Fair 2023.
Source: Instagram @indonesiafair2023

In the middle of this year, Bengok Craft returned to fulfill its achievements to take part in the 2023 Indonesia Fair in Osaka. This is the third time that Bengok Craft’s creations have traveled to Japan after previously participating in the In-Store Promotion at Tsuruya Department Store on 27 April – 1 May 2022 and Indonesia Inspire Spice Show 2022 on 18 October – 6 November 2022.

Now the Indonesia Fair 2023 which is attended by various selected curated MSMEs is a form of trade promotion in the form of “in-store promotion” in one of the largest shopping centers in Japan on 29 April – 7 May2023.

Bengok Craft itself is one of the representatives of small, micro and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from selected craft and fashion groups who display their best creations at Sakuya Konohanakan, Osaka. Sakuya Konohanakan is a greenhouse/conservatory which has several different areas featuring plants from different climates.

There are Bengok Craft’s superior creations, such as hats, handbags, basket bags, circle boxes, and placemats.

Beside fashion, a few home decor creations also displayed.
Source: Instagram: @indonesiafair2023

Firman Setyaji, as the owner of Bengok Craft said on (05/07) that he was very glad to be trusted by ITPC Osaka to participate in this prestigious Fair in Osaka.

Firman added that he always prepares the best year after year.

“We send a more varied craft, of course, so that buyers can have more references related to the creations that we have,” added Firman.

Apart from that, he also added that in participating in the 2023 Indonesia Fair, he also published promotional documents in Japanese as well, so that visiting local residents could easily understand Bengok Craft creations.

“Of course in this case we always coordinate with ITPC Osaka as part of the organizers of the 2023 Indonesia Fair,” said Firman.

Firman, of course, really hopes that with this Fair, his water hyacinth creations can be better known by local Japanese residents, so that more and more potential buyers are interested in purchasing his superior creations.

In the previous year, Firman felt the impact. After participating in an exhibition in Japan in 2022, a business matching will be held which will bring together buyers and exporters so that the exploration of the products offered can be more optimal.

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