Mr. Ganjar Pranowo as the governor of Central Java gave concrete steps for change. Such as his efforts in advancing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Central Java region.

This is especially true for small businesses like Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft received full support from him so that our business could develop. Even in difficult times like the Covid 19 outbreak, we were able to maintain our business thanks to many parties, one of which is Mr. Ganjar Pranowo.

The following is the support given by the governor of Central Java to Bengok Craft:

1. Lapak Ganjar

Firman Setyaji (30) posed with a sticker that reads ‘Chosen SMEs’ at the Bengok Craft Gallery in Sejambu, Kesongo Village, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Sunday (2/10/2022).

The Lapak Ganjar were originally a program of the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, to help Central Java MSMEs market their products. This was established during a pandemic because at that time the economic sector was declining, many SMEs were threatened with bankruptcy because not many people went out to the store. Through Bukalapak Ganjar, UMKM products are promoted online, namely uploading via stories and Instagram posts which are then reposted by the Ganjar Pranowo account (@ganjar_pranowo) and the official Bukalapak Ganjar account (@lapak_ganjar).

Bengok Craft is one of the craft tenants that participates in the Ganjar booth. In each craft edition post, Bengok Craft is promoted via Instagram. Who would have thought that posting on Lapak Ganjar would reach more people and many would purchase our creations.

“We have been participating in Lapak Ganjar since the pandemic. At that time, even though there was a decrease in turnover compared to before the pandemic, we were able to sustain our business, which of course is extraordinary for small businesses,” said Firman.

He added that from the Lapak Ganjar he was included in many other events of the Central Java provincial government.

2. In-Store Promotion Japan

NDONESIA FAIR at Tsuruya Department Store Area
Credit: Instagram

It seems that Bengok Craft’s participation in Lapak Ganjar does not only reach the local community, but also buyers who are abroad because Pak Ganjar has quite good exposure overseas. This is what attracted the attention of the Indonesia Trade and Promotion Center (ITPC) Osaka to invite Bengok Craft to curate before being brought to Japan to conduct an exhibition titled In Store Promotion at Tsuruya Department Store, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

Seemed worthy, Bengok Craft managed to bring his creations to Japan on 27 April – 1 May 2022. Tsuruya held an In-store promotion event 2022, which applies the retail concept (B to C) by displaying artisan products and creative products such as batik, fashion , accessories, jewelry, and bags. Some will display packaged food and beverage products with a legal permit in Japan. In-store promotion participants are from several countries in Asia, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. The Indonesian booth was named Indonesian Fair, while the rest were included in the Asia Bazaar.

Not only In-Store Promotion, Bengok Craft also had the opportunity to display its water hyacinth crafts to Japan for the second time on October 18 – October 6 2022 through the Indonesia Inspire Spice Show 2022.

As the name implies, presents an exhibition of Indonesian spices in particular. This fair does not only contain food and drinks. However, local Indonesian handicrafts also enlivened this exhibition so that visitors can also have references about handicrafts, such as Bengok Craft.

3. Visit Mr. Ganjar to Homebase Bengok Craft

Mr. Ganjar and the team visited Bengok Craft’s homebase at Tuntang
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Bengok Craft also received a direct visit from Mr.Ganjar Pranowo. Mr. Ganjar Pranowo came directly to the Bengok Craft homebase which is on Jl. Fatmawati, Kesongo, Tuntang, Semarang Regency in 2021.

Mr. Ganjar saw firsthand the creations produced by local craftsmen empowered by Firman Setyaji, Founder of Bengok Craft.

Mr. Ganjar is seen holding a box and bag craft which are Bengok Craft’s flagship creations. He also asked the Co-Founder of Bengok Craft Astaria Eka Santi about the news of her business and the steps to be taken in the future. In this case, Mr. Ganjar will certainly fully support business continuity.

4. The trust of the Central Java Provincial Government in providing Eid hampers

Ganjar Pranowo, the Central Java governor, saw parcel and hamper packages

Mr. Ganjar, through the Central Java Provincial Government, for every big event, entrusts Eid hampers to local MSMEs, including Bengok Craft.

In 2022, Bengok Craft won the trust to provide 200 hampers boxes. These hampers boxes will then be filled with products from other MSMEs engaged in the food and beverage sector.

Bengok Craft certainly feels very helped by this order.

“Mr. Ganjar really supports the sustainability of MSMEs, guests receiving hampers are only given hampers from the best local MSME products,” said Firman.

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