On Eid al-Fitr we usually meet with family, relatives and friends. Unlike last year which was still haunted by the Covid 19 pandemic, this year we feel safer with face to face meetings.

Meeting people on a special day, of course, we will look our best, for example, we will consider the outfit we are wearing.

The outfit worn on a fitri day is of course our best outfit, it can be Muslim clothing, casual clothing, and other common clothing.

You can also add accessories to support your outfit, such as eye-catching accessories, such as accessories from Bengok Craft.

The following accessories are Bengok Craft’s choices that can be a reference to complete your appearance on Eid Al-Fitr:

1. Bengok Bag

This bag from Bengok Craft has many variants, ranging from sling bags, tote bags, handbags, to hampers bags. Apart from being made from water hyacinth using certain woven techniques, this bag also has a very trendy shape and model so it doesn’t seem outdated.

This bag is perfect for completing Eid al-Fitr outfits when traveling because the color is neutral so it can be combined with any outfit. Apart from being stylish, this bag can also store valuables such as cellphones, wallets, money, and many more, of course, according to size.

For Hampers Bag, apart from being used as a complement to an outfit, it can also be used as a hamper container, as the name suggests. You can fill hampers bags with gifts that can be tailored to your needs, such as ceramics, packaged food, bottles filled with drinks, and others.

2. Bengok Case

This mobile phone case from Bengok Craft is perfect to complete your outfit. With a color that is brown like natural fiber, it is very suitable to be combined with your outfit, both light and dark in color.

This casing is very different compared to other cellphone casings which are usually made of plastic. The cellphone casing made from water hyacinth is woven in such a way as to form exactly your mobile phone.

Bengok Case certainly has many types that are adapted to the type of your mobile phone.

3. Bengok Slipper

These slippers from Bengok Craft are no ordinary slippers. These slippers made from water hyacinth can make your appearance more ethnic and rustic but still elegant according to the casual outfit you are wearing. There is no need to worry about the hard surface on the slipper because the base is covered with a soft rubber layer, so it is comfortable when used. It is very suitable when traveling to meet your family, relatives or friends.

Bengok Slipper has many variants such as selop, double selop, wiro, japit, and many more. For you ladies wearing robe, it is very suitable to use Bengok Slipper Selop or Double Selop.

Those are the three accessories references from Bengok Craft that may be used to support your appearance on Eid al-Fitr, which one is your favorite?

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