Bengok Notebook, perfect for your daily journals

Bengok Notebook can be a reference for devoting your daily journal, Bengok friends. The brown color book from Bengok Craft is supported by 80gr samson paper material which is similar to ancient paper that is usually used to make rustic books.

The samson paper used by Bengok Craft in making this notebook bend makes your daily journal writing clearer and firmer, especially if you write it using black ink on it.

The contents of the Samson paper are also very large, enough for those of you who often write daily journals.

Apart from the rustic colored paper, there is a differentiator that is not usually applied to notebooks in general. The water hyacinth element is the answer. This layer of water hyacinth that has been split and flattened is pasted on the Bengok Notebook cover, so that the color looks the same as the paper, making it more aesthetic when held.

This Bengok notebook has various sizes that could be adjusted to your needs, starting from A4 (horizontal), A5 (vertical), A6 (vertical), and A7 (vertical).

The good news is that there is an innovation made by Bengok Craft in this Bengok Notebook. Bengok Craft added a screen printing element to the cover of the book, while the screen printing here is of a fit size that captures existing tourist attractions, for example Sarinah which became the first shopping center in Indonesia.

With a mix of colors that are made as closely as possible to the original, you feel like you are going on an adventure to that place. Screen printing that is attached to the cover of the book can also be customized according to your preferences, not limited to tourist attractions, you can add screen printing of certain characters or even your company logo. This is usually implemented for those who order wholesale for corporate souvenirs.

Of course, this screen printing is optional, the choice is yours, do you like Bengok Notebook with screen printing or not.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing this act of work, you can reach us out on Instagram @bengokcraft or click

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, Bengok friends!

By purchasing our creation, you’ve participated to support community development and environmental sustainability.

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