Water hyacinth is a charming and eco-friendly material for crafting a variety of items, from baskets to bags to placemats. These crafts not only add a touch of natural elegance to your home and your style but also help to support local communities and protect the environment. However, like any natural material, water hyacinth requires some care and attention to maintain its beauty and durability. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your water hyacinth crafts in top shape:

  1. Avoid exposure to moisture: While water hyacinth is a plant that grows in water, it is important to keep your water hyacinth crafts away from excessive moisture. If left in a damp environment for too long, the plant fibers can become weakened and even start to rot. Be sure to store your water hyacinth crafts in a dry place, and avoid placing them directly on wet surfaces.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause the natural color of water hyacinth to fade over time. To prevent this, avoid placing your water hyacinth crafts in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. Instead, keep them in a shaded area, and use a protective covering if necessary.
  3. Clean with care: Water hyacinth crafts can be cleaned with a bleaching. You may prepare brush like toothbrush and dip in the bleaching, then brush your lovely craft. This way could prevent your craft into mold.
  4. Store properly: When not in use, it is important to store your water hyacinth crafts properly. Avoid folding or crushing them, as this can cause the fibers to break or become misshapen. Instead, store them in a dry, cool place, and consider using a protective covering or padding to prevent damage.
  5. Refresh the fibers: Over time, the fibers of your water hyacinth craft may start to become dull or frayed. To refresh them, gently brush the surface of the craft with a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush or small paintbrush. This will help to fluff up the fibers and restore their natural texture and shine.
  6. Avoid heavy items: While water hyacinth crafts are sturdy and durable, they are not designed to hold heavy items. Avoid placing heavy objects on your water hyacinth crafts, as this can cause them to warp or break. Instead, use them for lighter items, such as towels, fruit, or decorative objects.

By following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your water hyacinth crafts remain beautiful and durable for years to come. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy the natural elegance and eco-friendliness of water hyacinth in your home.

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