On 1-5 March 2023, Bengok Craft had the opportunity to participate in The 23rd Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair 2023.

The fair, which is often referred to as INACRAFT, invites hundreds of selected tenants from agencies, institutions and individuals to showcase their products and creations at the JCC Senayan Convention Hall for 5 days.

Bengok Craft as one of the selected small medium enterprises (SME) is certainly very enthusiastic about participating in one of the largest craft product fairs in Southeast Asia.

The Founder and Co Founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi have come all the way from Semarang to display and promote their best crafts.

During the INACRAFT 2023 Fair, of course there were products that became the best-selling from buyers.

What are Bengok Craft’s best-selling creations during INACRAFT 2023?

Bengok Hampers Bag and Bengok Slipper are the answers. These two captivating creations are indeed the target of buyers/customers.

During INACRAFT on the first day, for example, these two products were sold out, therefore, Bengok Craft needed to re-supply their creations the following day.

Bengok Hampers Bag and Bengok Slippers are in great demand because these two creations have their own uniqueness and have not been widely adapted by other water hyacinth artisans.

Like the Bengok Hampers Bag, this hamper bag has become a target because Eid Al-Fitr will soon arrive, so many people are looking for hampers as references to share with their relatives, family or closest friends.

In addition, this Bengok Hampers Bag is very unique and looks aesthetically pleasing since applying materials of the same color such as dried water hyacinth and jute cloth. Water hyacinth is applied on the outside using a woven technique. Meanwhile, jute cloth is applied inside to protect the contents of the hampers.

After being used as hampers, these bags can then be used for bags or placements as needed.

Meanwhile, the Bengok Slipper is no less interesting. This sandal is a target because of its attractive shape, because it uses natural fibers, namely water hyacinth. Then the material uses certain techniques to produce a variety of slipper crafts, ranging from Bengok Slipper Wiro, Bengok Slipper Double Slip, Bengok Slipper Selop X, Bengok Slipper Ulir and others. In addition, this slipper is also affixed to a rubber base so that it remains comfortable to wear. What is unique about this slipper is that it is resistant to water since basically water hyacinth is an aquatic plant. So that when it goes wet, it is enough to dry it under the hot sun and it could be used again.

Customers’ preference for Bengok Hampers Bag and Bengok Slipper is an example that Bengok Craft is able to compete with other crafts.

Firman prioritizes innovation or novelty in developing his creations, so that they could be in demand by many people.

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