Mrs. Kartini is a figure behind Bengok Craft’s Hat
Source: Instagram @bengokcraft

Behind the many variants of Bengok Craft’s creations, there are many figures behind them. One of them is the artisan team who are part of the production team. Their role is very essential considering that turning water hyacinth into valuable goods is in their hands.

The artisan’s hands are accustomed to transforming water hyacinth into crafts, so that customers may use it for various purposes.

Talking about water hyacinth artisans at Bengok Craft certainly has its own specialty. The artisans involved in bengok craft have their own expertise from each type of craft.

For example, as Mrs. Hartini explained earlier, she is a Bengok Craft artisan who has expertise in making craft bags. At Bengok Craft, Mrs. Hartini has produced hundreds of very unique Bengok Bag creations.

Apart from Mrs. Hartini who is good at making bag crafts, there is also the figure behind the making of the Bengok Hat. Her name is Mrs. Kartini. She is a local who lives around Rawa Pening and has been part of the Bengok Craft artisan team for a long time. Until now, Kartini has produced various variants of the Bengok Hat, such as the Bengok Mugiwara Hat, the Bengok Circle Hat, and the Bengok Sport Hat.

Mrs.Kartini also varied the techniques in the process of making hat crafts. If hats usually use woven or twisted techniques, Kartini found a new innovation to make hats using knitting techniques. The knitting technique is a technique commonly used to make fabrics that use a single thread that is made in such a way that the end result appears to be composed of braids. Who would have thought, this middle-aged woman would be able to apply it to craft bags, like the one in Bengok Mugiwara Hat.

It’s no wonder that the Bengok Craft hat is one of the crafts favored by customers because Mrs. Kartini always innovates to make her best creations.

Of course, as time goes by, Kartini would continue to innovate, producing hats that are unique and even different from the usual hats.

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