Having fun together in the middle of Rawa Pening
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On Monday, 27 March 2023, students from Shalom Christian Elementary School came to Daringan Kesongo Culture to have fun. Having fun here, of course, there are still educational activities so that students could play while learning. The activity intended is the Bengok Craft Workshop. Bengok Craft Workshop invites those who are curious about the procedures for making water hyacinth crafts.

Like here, students are invited to explore the potential that exists, namely turning dried water hyacinth into crafts.

The students accompanied by the teacher arrived in the morning. As many as 36 students looked compact wearing their red school uniforms with short, cream-colored casual pants.

You can also see teachers wearing light blue uniforms.

The hall of the restaurant was very lively, indicating that the students couldn’t wait to be creative with their hands.

The event was opened by the Bengok Craft team, namely Astaria Eka Santi as the Co-Founder. Then, Asta also explained the brief material regarding the procedures for making crafts. The students looked enthusiastic to listen to step by step explanations for making crafts.

Finally they have the opportunity to directly practice making crafts. They sat down in a large group. The craft created by them is the Bengok Pencil Case.

In front of them, there are dried water hyacinths, cardboard tubes, and several other tools such as scissors and glue.

They quickly created it right away, by attaching the dried hyacinth to the cardboard side. They are left to explore in making it, according to the creativity they have. Even so, there is still a Bengok Craft team like Ani who guides them throughout the craft-making process.

As a result, each student is able to create one pencil case. Students may also bring their pencil case creations home as souvenirs.

Apart from the craft making training, the students are also allowed to explore the surrounding environment of Rawa Pening. They can see the water hyacinth harvesting process in Rawa Pening and also the drying process which is located not far from the swamp.

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