Bengok Craft had the opportunity to prepare for exports through the National Training and Curation: Quality Improvement and Product Innovation for SMEs Crafts Assisted by Bank Indonesia on March 13-14 2023. This event was held at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski at Bali Room, meeting room which could fit hundreds participants. This training and curation was held offline again after a few years ago this event was still being held online due to the COVID 19 Outbreak.

Bengok Craft is one of the 60 SMEs selected to take part in this national curation.

From Bengok Craft, the Founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji and Marketing team Ritya Bilqiis attended a series of events in turn.

The 2-day activity was very intensive because SMEs received material on export preparation efforts such as their innovative creations on the first day and on the second day it was followed by direct curation by Bank Indonesia and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in the United States.

Not to forget, the curator from US Mrs. Jennifer who evaluates craft products from MSMEs throughout Indonesia.

Their presence is not without reason because the training and curation plan is intended for export preparation to the United States.

The second day is the most important day because out of the dozens of SMEs, only 1 will be selected to have the opportunity to take part in the International Fair in the United States fully funded by Bank Indonesia.

Firman Setyaji said on (03/14) that even participating in this national curation was already grateful because previously there were hundreds of SMEs under Bank Indonesia who wanted to take part in this prestigious event.

However, Firman added that he hopes to have the opportunity to develop his business through exports to the United States.

“We have exported to the continents of Asia and Europe, now it is America’s turn to become the next dream because there is a potential craft market there,” said Firman.

In his curation, Firman displays several of his products such as bags, hats, jackets and slippers. However, Firman specified 2 creations to be curated, namely the Bengok Hampers Bag and the Bengok Slipper.

Bengok Craft’s creations showcased at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Source: private

This was also shown when Ritya explained to Mrs. Jennifer regarding the specifications and superiority of the two types of creations.

Mrs. Jennifer really appreciates Bengok Craft’s creations, especially the Bengok Hampers Bag, and she also admits that Bengok Craft’s breakthrough is very different.

Mrs. Jennifer also continued that the Bengok Craft creations had met the standards of innovation, however, it needed to be improved again, which is the color selection of additional craft elements that needed attention and consideration. In addition, there is a need for a Quality Control (QC) team so that the craft output is neater and meets export standards.

Firman certainly appreciated the input and suggestions from Mrs. This Jennifer. In the future, he would begin executing these suggestions so that Bengok Craft would have a better quality.

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