In connection with the implementation of the independent learning program, teachers also participate in developing their knowledge. This is what teachers from SMP Negeri 2 Tuntang did on Saturday, 25 February 2023. They came to Daringan Kesongo Culture to take part in the Bengok Craft Workshop.

Upon arrival at Daringan, they were immediately greeted by the Bengok Craft team. Their workshop was also assisted by the Student Community Service (KKN) team from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya.

Prior to the start of the Workshop, these teachers received material and insights about water hyacinth from Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi as Founders and Co Founders of Bengok Craft.

In the craft-making execution stage, the teachers chose to create bags. The teachers are divided into groups and each group is required to create a bag, however, if they would like to create other crafts they are also allowed.

The bags created by the teachers are handbags using the woven palette technique. The pallet woven technique is a technique that is easy to apply since it does not require special tools to process the water hyacinth. The participants only need movements such as twisting the dry water hyacinth by rotating it so that the texture of the water hyacinth becomes firmer.

Unexpectedly, after seeing the tutor from the Bengok Craft team, the teachers were able to create it. The bags they created are in the form of circles and squares. Teachers are considered able to adapt quickly in making crafts.

The results of the craft could be brought home as a souvenir. Teachers who want to buy other water hyacinth creations could also buy directly at the workshop site.

The Bengok Craft Workshop is a valuable experience for teachers. After returning home, they are expected to be able to transfer their knowledge to students. The teachers in implementing this new curriculum, namely Merdeka Belajar, are expected to pass the students with a Pancasila student profile, which means making students have an entrepreneurial character with morals and a soul of Pancasila. So that students are not only smart academically but also creative and inventive.

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