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Talking about the advantages from an artisan’s point of view in making crafts, how much is the profit?

An artisan has a very important role in a craft business. They become the fundamental in the production process, because handicraft creations cannot be made without artisans.

An artisan must have a tenacious and neat nature in making crafts, so that his craft is truly worthy.

This is of course different from non-hand-made crafts that can be done quickly and don’t require resources.

However, handicrafts made by an artisan certainly have their own value, both from the artisan side and from the customer side.

The artisans at Bengok Craft are those who were originally just water hyacinth fishermen. Every day, they have to pass through the Swamp using a traditional boat to harvest water hyacinth.

It is too complicated to harvest water hyacinth because they are not equipped with safety protection equipment. In addition, the results obtained are also not comparable to the struggle to collect water hyacinth.

As much as 50 kg of water hyacinth is only priced at IDR 10,000, of course the price sold to these collectors is too low, so they don’t get a comparable profit.

Gradually since Bengok Craft was founded, they began to join as water hyacinth artisans. Of course, some of them have the skills, some don’t. However, thanks to Firman, the CEO of Bengok Craft, who provides regular training for prospective artisans, they are finally able to become artisans and slowly but surely fulfill orders from Bengok Craft.

The price offered was many times higher. One craft creation can be priced at IDR 35,000, which if dried water hyacinth is sold is equivalent to around IDR 1,000. Imagine how fortunate it is to be artisans, they are able to improve their standard of living better for their families.

Until now, there are around 12 active artisans in Bengok Craft whose lives are starting to get better than before. Along with the development of time, they also actively improve their ability to be creative, so that the creations they produce more and more.

This is an example of how water hyacinth really changes their lives through Bengok Craft. Therefore, continue to support us by purchasing water hyacinth creations from Bengok Craft. Thus, more and more people will receive positive impact from it.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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