Mr. Budiman creating Bengok Slipper and Bengok Bags
Source: Instagram @bengokcraft

This year, Mr. Budiman hits for 29 years to become an artisan. Nearly three decades is not a short time in going through every process that Mr. Budiman passed through.

At the beginning of his journey in 1994, he joined an entrepreneur in developing a craft business. Year after year he also carried out his role as an artisan partner for other entrepreneurs, until 2019 when Bengok Craft was founded, Mr. Budiman officially joined as an artisan Bengok Craft.

Her experience as a water hyacinth artisan is no doubt due to her long experience. Evidently, he was able to fulfill the request of Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft. Even though at the beginning he only created a few crafts, thanks to the support from Firman until now, he has been able to create hundreds of variants of the water hyacinth Bengok Craft.

Until now, Mr. Budiman still feels at home as an artisan who partners with Bengok Craft. In fact, his family was invited by him to join as an artisan with Bengok Craft. Currently, his wife and children also become artisans of Bengok Craft.

Mr. reason Budiman and his family are very diligent in becoming artisans, and their lives have changed since becoming Bengok Craft’s artisans. He revealed that their standard of living is now better than before. This is because orders for Bengok Craft are increasing every year, and also the creations it produces are of very high value, so that the selling price can compete in the craft market.

In addition, Mr. Budiman and his family are often covered by local and national news as one of the oldest water hyacinth artisans. Mr. Budiman can be a role model for other artisans, so that they remain diligent and persistent in carrying out their roles. Despite the erratic development of the business, Mr. Budiman was able to survive until he became a senior artisan at this time.

Please pray that Mr.Budiman and his family will always be given health so that they will be given abundant blessings!

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