Bengok Box Bag and Bengok Hampers Bag
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Valentine’s Day, which falls on 14 February 2023, is an unforgettable moment for couples. Both ladies and gentlemen certainly want to give their couple the best gift.

Talking about gifts for Valentine’s Day, there are many different types of gifts that you may arrange.

Usually in order to welcome Valentine’s Day, someone gives a bunch of flowers, chocolates, gift boxes/hampers, and others.

However, giving a unique and different Valentine’s gift can be your preference.

Box Bag and Hampers Bag from Bengok Craft can be your choice when choosing a Valentine’s gift for your partner.

The Box Bag is a cube-shaped handbag that can be filled with various types of things, food or drinks.

Such as dried flowers, chocolates, and bottled drinks that could be adjusted according to the size of the box bag. This Box Bag measures 15 x 10 x 10 cm with a very light weight of around 150 grams with a short wrist strap.

Meanwhile, the Hampers Bag is a square-shaped handbag that can also be filled with chocolate, snacks, drinks, and so on.

Bengok Hamper Bag is available in 2 sizes, small bag and medium bag. The small bag with its size is 27cm x 7cm x 20cm, while the medium bag is 37cm x 15cm x 23cm.

This Hampers Bag has a visible part on the front, which is a kind of plastic that can make the contents of the gift very clear.

Unlike the Box Bag which uses 100% water hyacinth material, this Hampers Bag uses jute fabric on the inside and part of the outside, but still does not leave the highlight of the water hyacinth woven material.

Of course, these two types of Valentine gifts are very eco-friendly because they both use natural materials. Water hyacinth is the main source of material in the creation of Bengok Craft. Water hyacinth which is considered a weed, is able to make it a useful craft.

By purchasing it, you participate in community development and environmental conservation.

Go immediately own this Box Bag and Hampers Bag as a unique and different Valentine’s gift. There is an interesting promo especially for you in this month of love. Don’t miss it. Reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft for full information.

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