The students are guided by Bengok Craft team to create bracelet from dried water hyacinth
Source: personal Bengok Craft

The students of Dian Wacana School, Mranggen Demak spent their weekdays with Bengok Craft. They were involved in the Bengok Craft Workshop activities which were held for 2 days, namely on 13 and 14 February 2022. This workshop activity took 2 days because many students were enthusiastic about participating in the workshop .

On the first day, students in grades 1, 2 and 3 took part in the Bengok Craft Workshop series while grades 4, 5 and 6 took part in the workshop the following day. If combined, there are around 200 students who attended this workshop.

Like the usual workshops, the students were seen gathering at the Daringan Kesongo Culture, the place where the water hyacinth workshop was held.

They, wearing their distinctive blue uniforms, gathered in the middle of the hut for the opening of the event before hearing directions from Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi, the Founders and Co-Founders of Bengok Craft.

The students who were sitting seemed to be enjoying the documentary video showing Bengok Craft’s journey in its contribution to improving the environment around the swamp pening.

Afterwards, Firman and Asta also explained material regarding the characteristics of water hyacinth and the stages of making water hyacinth crafts. These stages include harvesting, cleaning, drying, flattening (if necessary), to creating it into crafts.

After receiving sufficient explanation, the students were immediately divided into groups by the Bengok Craft team which of course was assisted by the Prasetiya Mulya University Student Community Service (KKN) team.

The students seemed quite active in creating the dried hyacinth. The students were able to create several types of crafts such as bracelets, key chains, and pencil cases. Of course, all of their creations are made of water hyacinth with additional beads or accessories.

A student showed her resulted craft
Source: personal Bengok Craft

After they finished, they continued their outbound activities in the rice fields near their workshop. They looked engrossed in playing in the mud together while playing fun traditional games.

Moreover, added to the situation at that time after the rain, it made the surface of the rice fields look more watery, so they could be used for more fun outbound activities.

The students were have fun at near Daringan Kesongo Culture to enjoy outbound activities
Credit: personal Bengok Craft

After the outbound, they returned to Daringan and did the closing of the Workshop event.

Firman said (02/14) that the Bengok Craft Workshop was enjoyed by various groups, but most often it was students.

“Yes, they usually have outing classes or picnics and choose to learn how to make crafts with Bengok Craft,” added Firman.

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