Bengok Craft water hyacinth creations usually carry unique, ethnic, and also rustic concepts in the crafts they make. It’s no wonder that his creations still seem natural without certain artificial additives such as coloring.

However, for those of you who are art enthusiasts, you could add screen printing to the water hyacinth creations that you purchase at Bengok Craft. Yes, this is one of Bengok Craft’s newest breakthroughs to beautify the appearance of water hyacinth creations.

One of his works is the totebag that is displayed at Sarinah.

This water hyacinth tote bag from Bengok Craft adds a screen printing element to the water hyacinth woven. The screen printing that is attached above is a visualization of the Sarinah situation which depicts the landmark of the first mall in Indonesia.

Firman as the Founder of Bengok Craft said on (11/25) that his party was working with local residents who are experts in the field of screen printing in this breakthrough.

“Yes, there are residents here who are very skilled in the field of screen printing, not only printing t-shirts as usual, they could also print water hyacinth,” said Firman.

Firman again explained that his party would intensively promote water hyacinth crafts with their unique screen printing.

“First, we have a pre-order system, but in the future we hope to have ready stock,” he concluded.

Totebags are just one example. You may add screen printing to many Bengok Craft creations such as carpets, pillows, and many more according to your wishes. Of course, screen printing designs could also be made by request.

You may reach or contact us via Instagram @bengokcraft or for further information regarding pre-orders as requested.

Bengok Craft, Turn Wate To Save The Planet!

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