Perhaps most already know about water hyacinth. This plant in a Latin called Pontederia crassipes often grows massively in swamps. For example in Rawa Pening, Semarang Regency. This plant dominates the surface of the Swamp, so the Swamp looks very green because it is overgrown with this one plant.

There are several unique facts about water hyacinth, the following are:

1. Weed plants

A Lady harvested weed plant in a swamp

Water hyacinth is a weed plant which is certainly very harmful to the surrounding environment. This plant can grow massively in waters. Moreover, if the swamp has a very high nutrient content, water hyacinth can grow uncontrollably. This nutrient content usually comes from chemical fertilizers in the fields and plantations, then the water flows into the river.

If this happens, the water hyacinth will grow more and more and result in a lack of light entering the water and resulting in a lack of oxygen. So that animals that live in the swamp are more threatened with death.

2. Flowers live once a year

Water hyacinth flowers aesthetically captured in a frame

Water hyacinth which has purple flowers with about 5 petals with a yellowish pistil in the middle has its own uniqueness that maybe not many other plants have.

Water hyacinth flowers are only able to live once a year. In addition, the duration of growth was not long, only about two weeks. Then have to wait another year for water hyacinth to produce flowers.

Therefore, Bengok Craft collaborated with local florists in Semarang Regency to make flower bouquets from water hyacinth flowers at certain moments.

3. Don’t like salt

Water hyacinth does not like salt. The content contained in salt inhibits the growth of water hyacinth, even water hyacinth plants can die if the water is contaminated with salt.

Therefore, water hyacinth likes to live in fresh waters such as swamps and you cannot find water hyacinth in the sea because the salt content in the sea is high.

4. Crafts can be created

Various crafts such as a pair of slipper as well as bag could be made from hyacinths

Water hyacinth is a plant that can be made into a work. Who says weed plants will still be harmful? With our creativity, we can turn it into something more valuable and useful.

Like Bengok Craft, a small business with big dreams to bring these weeds to the international level through crafts.

It turns out that water hyacinth that has been harvested and dried can be made into various kinds of crafts such as bracelets, hats, sandals, bags, boxes, baskets, and many more.

The water hyacinth craft Bengok Craft is even in demand by countries such as Japan, Singapore, Italy and even Spain.

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