Asta (right) was showing her hyacinth craft to Mr. Teten Masduki, The Minister of Small Cooperative and SMEs
Source: Instagram @bengokcraft

Bengok Craft, which was founded in 2019, continues to develop variants of its creations. Starting from Bengok Book as its main creation, now it has expanded into others such as home-decor, fashion, wear, and many more.

This is because Bengok Craft always follows the development of craft trends, so crafts don’t always come in the form of furniture, they can be created to be more unique and useful.

In addition, the availability of custom pre-orders allows customers to modify their products according to their special requests, resulting in other creations that are more appealing and attractive.

However, all of this cannot be separated from the creativity of Astaria Eka Santi. She is is the Co-Founder of Bengok Craft. Accompanying her husband Firman Setyaji who is the Founder of Bengok Craft, she is able to make craft designs that can be considered out of the box.

Asta is a postgraduate graduate from Amity University majoring in Advertising and Marketing Management, making her a Master of Arts degree from the university.

As a result, it’s no wonder that at Bengok Craft she becomes the head of Marketing, as well as product design at Bengok Craft.

Asta, who received a scholarship at one of the top universities in India, chose to return to her country and build an ecosystem to make it more sustainable. She also indirectly participates in sustainable development in Rawa Pening, which is full of water hyacinth weeds. Water hyacinth which usually becomes a weed causing environmental problems, is converted into a valuable craft.

Even though not all of her journeys in developing Bengok Craft have gone smoothly, Asta remains committed to dealing with environmental problems in Rawa Pening.

Asta and Firman are sure that they will innovate a new craft at least once a month.

With this innovation, the variations of water hyacinth crafts from Bengok Craft will be even more tan, of course, more up to date.

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