The students gathered at Daringan Kesongo Culture to open the Student Community Service
Source: personal Bengok Craft

As many as three KKN groups from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya arrived Daringan Kesongo Culture on 9 February 2023 local time. The handover from the supervisor Ibu Dewi to the Head of Kesongo Village marked the start of the event. The students from the business department for the next 20 days will carry out Study Community Service (KKN), where they will serve through empowerment programs implemented in Kesongo village.

These three groups were divided into 3 sections, some of which performed services at Daringan Kesongo Culture, Village Hall, and also Bengok Craft.

Firman Setyaji as CEO of Bengok Craft said (02/10) that he opened opportunities for students to learn together about community empowerment through optimizing water hyacinth into crafts.

“Yes, of course we will guide them, learn together, starting with the first introduction, then directly involved with the community,” said Firman.

Later, the students who serve at Bengok Craft will be divided into two, in terms of production, technical aspects of making water hyacinth crafts, and also in terms of marketing, actively involved in promotional activities for Bengok Craft such as events and fairs.

“This is of course an added value for them because they are from majors related to business, so at the same time empowering and learning in practice from the theory they learned during college,” added Firman.

Meanwhile, students who are at Daringan Kesongo Culture will provide technical assistance for events held at one of the on-trending tourist attractions in Semarang Regency.

For those who are at the village hall, they will also assist related officers to take care of administration and be directly involved in activities related to the village hall later.

The Student Community Service program is one of the further breakthroughs between Bengok Craft and Universitas Prasetiya Mulya so that students are given space to serve the community and have high empathy.

Previously, one of the lecturers from this university became one of the mentors in developing the Bengok Craft business. Mr. Kusmulyono often provides coaching to Bengok Craft in providing business development strategies.

Firman certainly hopes that in the future there will be more collaboration between Bengok Craft and Universitas Prasetya Mulya.

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