This child was making Bengok Bracelet at Daringan Kesongo Culture through Bengok Craft Workshop
Source: Instagram @bengokcraft

Who says making crafts is complicated and takes a long time to do? Of course not. There are several craft ideas that only take about 30 minutes. Like one of them making bracelet crafts from water hyacinth.

Bracelets made of natural fibers from weeds can be used as a reference for making crafts. This plant grows massively in Swamp waters and is only considered detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem.

However, it turns out that it can be created into something more valuable, like this bracelet.

The method is quite easy, you only need to harvest the water hyacinth in the Swamp and then clean it first from the mud that sticks to the roots. Then, dry the water hyacinth first until it dries.

After that, you can create it into crafts. Like a bracelet, you just need to split the water hyacinth so that it has a smaller size because it is broken into pieces. Then you can braid the water hyacinth until it is circular, and then adjust the size according to the wrist.

In fact, when you are an expert and used to braiding, it seems that in less than 30 minutes you can finish making a water hyacinth bracelet craft.

You can also add beads or other accessories to the bracelet to make it more appealing. Very easy, isn’t it?

For those of you who are worried because raw materials are not available around you and feel that it is still a hassle to work on them, you can participate in the Bengok Craft Workshop.

Here, you will be guided directly by the Founder or Co-Founder of Bengok Craft regarding the steps for making water hyacinth. All materials and equipment are available. You only need to come to Daringan Kesongo Culture to get started.

Get an attractive package of inclusive meals during the Bengok Craft Workshop and feel the excitement!

Group and private packages are available that can be tailored to your needs. Just reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft or for more information and the booking process!

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