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One thing that children need at their growing age is to involve them in educational activities. Educational activities may be carried out in various ways, one of which is to increase children’s creativity by making handicrafts.

Making crafts can be done with many methods and materials. Making water hyacinth crafts could be an alternative for parents who want to train their children’s creativity.

This one plant grows massively usually in the Swamp area. You just need to take it and clean it before finally drying it. After being dried in the sun, the water hyacinth would shrink and become lighter, so it is not too heavy for children.

Making water hyacinth crafts for children turns out to be very easy, apart from water hyacinth, you only need to prepare materials such as sponges and then form patterns, such as animals or objects. Then the pattern is cut and the dried hyacinth is pasted on to make a key chain craft, all that remains is to add beads and a hook to make it more functional.

Apart from key chains, your child could make water hyacinth into a book. It’s easier, you only need a blank brown book, then on the cover of the book, your child could attach a layer of water hyacinth that has been split, so it looks thinner and can be attached using glue there.

Very easy, isn’t it?

For those of you as parents who don’t want to bother looking for water hyacinth and training your children, you can invite your child to join the Bengok Craft Workshop, an edu-tour that offers learning experiences to make water hyacinth crafts with zero experience. There are packages from children to adults that can be tailored to your needs. Apart from learning to make crafts, you would also experience the outbound sensation around Rawa Pening, making it even more meaningful.

For those of you who don’t want to try the collective package, you can also take part in the Private Bengok Craft Workshop, specifically for your own children, and of course at a more attractive price because parents are not included.

Immediately reach us on Instagram @bengokcraft or for information and bookings. Seats are limited, don’t miss it!

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