Sobat Bengok, of course, know that Bengok Craft does not only have physical outlets, but also online outlets, namely through whatsapp and the marketplace.

Marketplace is one of the customer preferences for online shopping. Through the marketplace, customers do not need to come to the store to buy products. Apart from saving costs, it also saves time, so online shopping can be said to be the most efficient from all aspects.

Moreover, coupled with discounted promos such as free shipping, making customers prefer to shop online.

From the beginning of the journey, Bengok Craft has relied on orders offline or through word of mouth. However, as time goes by, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak, the owner of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji, has to look for alternatives so that his business can survive. One way is through digital marketing. Apart from social media, he also started his business through the marketplace.

Unexpectedly, customer attention to Bengok Craft when shopping through the marketplace has increased. With the pandemic at that time, people preferred to stay at home rather than traveling.

Firman still gets his business turnover from the marketplace, even though it has decreased compared to before.

From year to year the condition is getting better, Firman still makes selling on the marketplace as one of his options.

Until now, more and more customers are buying Bengok Craft creations through the marketplace. Among the many existing marketplaces, here are the TOP 3 marketplaces chosen by Bengok Craft customers:

1. Shopee

This online shopping application with its distinctive orange color has indeed become a hype for Indonesians. Shopee offers a variety of product variants with bombastic promos. Shopee often holds shopping promotions for free shipping at certain moments. This is what makes Bengok Craft customers interested in shopping online here. Its best-selling products at Shopee are slippers, bracelets and books.

2. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is another preference for Bengok Craft customers when shopping. This distinctive green marketplace has 135 million monthly visitors. This is because the promo is attractive, apart from the free shipping discount, you also get cashback. Therefore, many Bengok Craft creations are sold here, such as home decor creations. On Tokopedia, Bengok Craft is rated as high as 4.9 out of 5 by customers.

3. Blibli

Blibli is the choice for customers when shopping for Bengok Craft creations. This marketplace often collaborates with stakeholders to support local products from MSMEs. Promos in Blibli are no less interesting than others, the shopping discount discounts are large enough to make it attractive to customers. This is what causes Bengok Craft customers to shop at this top rated marketplace.

For those of you who like to shop online, you may find Bengok Craft creations in the three marketplaces, highly recommended!

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