Joseline and her parents showed their handmade creations
Credit: personal Bengok Craft

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 was a surprise for Bengok Craft. The reason is that Bengok Craft was visited by a family from Cikarang who really wanted to invite their children to go on a tour as well as learn how to make creations through the Bengok Craft workshop.

As for them, they are Joseline and Nana. Both are still primary school students. Of course, both of them were accompanied by their parents during the workshop activities.

Joseline and Nana were both enthusiastic about participating in the Bengok Craft workshop. Founder and Co Founder of Bengok Craft Firman Setyaji and Astaria accompanied Joseline and Nana in making handicrafts.

The Bengok Craft team explained in advance about the procedures for making water hyacinth crafts from start to finish. The process is in the form of harvesting, drying, sorting, flattening or twisting, to creating water hyacinth into crafts.

Joseline, who is still 8 years old, seems to be actively engaged in making crafts. He was even able to make 4 crafts with various types such as bracelets, key chains, to small round boxes.

The handicrafts she created was also used as special souvenirs to take home.

His mother, Joseline, said that bringing her children to Kesongo Village, Semarang Regency, was her initiative in spending her day with her children to make it more useful. He is sure that he will bring his two children to learn how to make water hyacinth crafts. In addition to increasing knowledge, it also trains children’s creativity and focus.

For those of you who are choosing activities to spend with family or friends, you may invite them to participate in the Bengok Craft Workshop. There are attractive package options available and of course feel the experience of being one with nature! Apart from collectives, you can also book private package like Joseline and Nana’s parents did, indeed!

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