Bengok Craft creations displayed in Singapore through BI Gayeng
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Who doesn’t know Bengok Craft? This water hyacinth craft business from Semarang Regency has around 12 craftsmen who are able create more than 100 variants of handicraft products.

Thus, the creations are very varied, you may find accessories, fashion, home-decor and other products here.

The material is also made from 100% natural water hyacinth which is harvested from Rawa Pening. For greeners, of course, having Bengok Craft products is a matter of pride and very profitable.

Here are other four benefits that you will get if you have water hyacinth creations by Bengok Craft:

1. Helping the economy of local craftsmen

As previously stated, Bengok Craft also empowers local communities in developing small businesses with big dreams. They are local people who only work as fishermen or collectors of dried water hyacinth. As fishermen, they get an irregular income because there aren’t too many fish from the swamp (a result of the massive growth of water hyacinth). As water hyacinth collectors, they also get very low wages. Per bundle, dried water hyacinth is only sold for 500 rupiah. By empowering them to become water hyacinth craftsmen, their income is increasing. Thus, buying Bengok Craft creations is very meaningful for them and also supports local economic growth.

2. Reducing water hyacinth weeds in Rawa Pening

Water hyacinth is the main material in the Bengok Craft. The harvested water hyacinth comes from Rawa Pening. Here, water hyacinth grows massively and is very detrimental to the ecosystem. Many living things in it are threatened due to lack of oxygen. Apart from that, blocking the passage of water is also a problem. That’s why we took the initiative to use water hyacinth as the main material to create many types of crafts that make them more valuable. By purchasing our creations, you are also helping to reduce the water hyacinth population so that the ecosystem becomes more sustainable.

3. Promoting Indonesian MSMEs

The MSME sector has experienced rapid development, moreover it has become one of the pillars of national economic growth. Local products are currently very varied and their quality can be competed with imported products. One of our efforts so that MSMEs can continue to survive is to support them in buying their products. By purchasing Bengok Craft products, you will also promote Indonesian MSME products.

4. It has quality material so it lasts a long time

Having objects with long durability is a desire for all customers. If the object is of good quality, it makes it last longer so you don’t have to spend more money to buy the same product. Just like Bengok Craft products, the handicraft products are in high quality, the harvested and dried water hyacinth is first sorted before being made into crafts. In addition, Bengok Craft has reliable craftsmen, so the quality of the crafts is great. With strong selected materials, Bengok Craft products are durable.

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