BRI Kolaborasi dengan SMESCO Indonesia Hadirkan Growpreneur
Grand Launching of Growpreneur attended by Indonesian Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki at SMESCO Indonesia (Analisadaily/special), Jakarta – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI in collaboration with SMESCO Indonesia presents Growpreneur, one of the road to BRI UMKM EXPO (RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2022 series which is an empowerment and mentoring activation program for Indonesian SMEs. This growpreneur would provide regular, community and mini incubation activation programs.

The Growpreneur program itself was inaugurated by the Indonesian Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki at SMESCO Indonesia on 15 September 2022.

Teten Masduki revealed that various empowerment activities could be utilized by Growpreneur member SMEs, including speed dating between sellers and buyers, discussion panels, networking and strategic partnerships, local brand showcases, creative corners, mentoring and business matching.

“The Growpreneur Program can open new opportunities for the growth of Indonesian MSMEs through its mission to inspire, innovate, connect networks between MSMEs and entrepreneurial ecosystems, creative industries and adaptive digital infrastructure,” he said.

In the same vein, Deputy Main Director of BRI Catur Budiharto also said that during this economic recovery, SMEs are expected to be able to have resilience and accelerate the adoption of digital technology. “Therefore, BRI through Growpreneur applied a curriculum that has been adapted to the latest conditions of SMEs and is expected to be able to increase the capability and quality of its products,” he said.

“We hope that MSME empowerment and education programs such as Growpreneurs can be carried out on an ongoing basis, and BRI’s presence can encourage MSMEs to upgrade and also revive the Indonesian economy,” said Catur.

For information, the inauguration of the Growpreneur program carries a special theme “Space Without Insulation” which is also the theme of Growpreneur’s first month. This is a concern for SMESCO Indonesia and BRI considering that as many as 65% of the disabled group still find it difficult to get assistance for their businesses or businesses.

Growpreneur invited seven MSME collaborators who were directly involved in this series of inauguration events, namely Cute Monster, Kopi Tuli, Precious One, The Able Art, Ka-Ta (Karta Disabilitas), Dignityku, Hear Me (Aplikasi Teman Tuli). Growpreneur is also a manifestation of BRI’s commitment to increase social value creation.

SMEs participating in the Growpreneur program can take advantage of other available services, such as banking services facilitated by BRI Coworking space as a place of work or SME meeting points. The Brilianpreneur Corner is also an information center for the signature event BRI UMKM EXPO (RT) BRILIANPRENEUR.

With some of these available facilities, it is hoped that SMEs can collaborate through a series of mentoring and training programs from Growpreneurs so that they are able to create appropriate value, right on target on the best innovations to move up a grade. The target of the Growpreneur program in the future is to prioritize SMESCO Indonesia assisted SMEs, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and BRI assisted SMEs, especially BRI UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR alumni, Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs and other programs as Growpreneur members.

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